EyeLash extensions Course

Eye Lash extension method is an innovative, quick and popular way to get a stunning array of thick lashes effect. The method consists of going one or two artificial, synthetic eyelashes to one natural eyelash, which requires a high skill and practice.

The effect of false eyelashes for some customers is kept up to 6 weeks, it is recommended to supplement the eyelashes every 4-5 weeks. This method is completely safe for the eyes, eyelids and eyebrows – you can use it on a regular basis without having to worry about the condition of natural lashes.


The course is conducted under the supervision of professionally qualified instructors who have experience in extending the lashes as well as teaching students. In addition to the best staff, all trainees have access to a properly equipped workplace – modern equipment, specialized products and professional cosmetics.

Eyelash extension training consists of three parts: the safety of the course, the theoretical and practical exercises to practice on prototype and model’s. The entire course takes place one day and lasts approx. 8 hours.

During the theoretical part discusses health and safety, indications and contraindications for surgery extension and thickening eyelashes and rules for the preparation and selection of clients lashes. At this stage of the training, participants will learn the basic tools and products used for extending lashes, and then familiarize yourself with the application and removal of artificial eyelashes.
During the practical workshop, our instructors teach students how to properly use the tweezers and how to choose a good eyelashes, so that perfectly complement the shape of the eye and the length of the client’s natural lashes. Then, participants will use their knowledge in extending eyelashes first training on the prototype, and then on model’s.

After the training, students receive a document in the form of the European Union International Certificate, which gives the right to extend the lashes in beauty salons.