Cosmetic Course

Absolutely unbeatable beauty professional course, for those wishing to get interesting, well-paid profession.

On the course you will learn principles of operation of a beauty salon, its equipment and the use of apparatus.

Pass your knowledge of the structure of the skin, its physiology.

You will learn to diagnose the cosmetic, identification of changes associated with aging and natural aging process and you will gain skills and camouflage.

You will learn the basic their basic principles of marketing and organization of work in the office and you will possess extensive practical knowledge, which provide a large number of hours in the studio cosmetics, equipped with latest equipment and high-quality professional cosmetics.

After completing this course you will be fully prepared to independently perform procedures, and to set up own beauty salon.

As our graduate will receive bonuses in the form of discounts on development courses and discounts on the purchase of starter packs, allowing it to work independently.

Do not wait, do something for yourself and your future, get a new interesting occupation, start making money and grow develop professionally!


  • vanity-occupation and employment opportunities
  • safety rules
  • equipment and functioning of the beauty parlor
  • anatomy-base
  • dermatology-base
  • skin-diagnostics
  • cosmetic-chemistry
  • psychology work with the customer
  • apprenticeships
  • visage-base
  • practical exam