Leadership Training


Welcome to the twenty-first century training LEADERSHIP

The training will be divided into two modules:

1. Leader himself, where you learned:

- How to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and how to strengthen the individual characteristics of your personality,

- Why weakness is strength in disguise, how to train the willpower and generate resources, the internal dialogue convinces you of their absence,

- How to build a clear vision of the goal, a powerful motivation to achieve and how to update them, based on different systems of logic, the excitement, the inspiration,

- How to develop your communication center, to stop being afraid of expressing themselves and begin to communicate their vision with passion to move other

2. Leader in the relationship  YOU – world where you learned:

- How to build relationships in a variety of configurations: individual, group and social, as well as develop these skills after the training,

- Fundamentals of group dynamics and learn what are the mechanisms and how they work group, how to open a group, how to recognize, conscious and unconscious leaders and others,

- You will learn strategies to build motivation in the groups that inspired wanted to pursue goals

- You’ll know the model and simple and life strategies of the greatest spiritual leaders, political, social, military, etc.

This training is a living interaction and putting knowledge into practice. That does not give you any book. Join a group of people who use the knowledge learned in your life and start to use it the same day.