The beauty is in you, let each of metamorphosis, and extremely transformation, transforms your life, know its strengths,this being the only we will help you in this…
How to become more beautiful.
Every woman wants to be and feel beautiful regardless of the prevailing trends and sizes.
We recommend a workshop with a stylist who will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin & soul.
Founded by Kathryn Ruszel is the first school in Ireland that deals with Style and Beauty Counseling.
We work on the basis of a simple Philosophy to Found Yourself Create Your Own Way to Feel and Believe on Yourself,
dress code:
CLOTHES are powerful and STYLE is a simple way to say complicated things.

Metamorphosis by Kathryn Ruszel

If you stuck in Your Life and you don’t know what to do
Its time for change and to find Yourself in a New Way to reflect
on a New YOU perspective and a New Happier Life.


Create Yourself – Your Life – Your Passions!

Body *Mind* Soul
I promise you a unique Personal Consultation to help You transform Yourself in front of the Mirror
*Be the Best Version of Yourself*

Stylist:  Kathryn Russel

The program of a workshop:

  • At the outset of the pictures before we begin the transformation
  • We make for you color analysis
  • Conduct a figure analysis – we choose the wardrobe
  • We choose a hairstyle, hairdo, or execute computer simulation
  • Will do makeup
  • Further consultation with a dietician and cosmetologist
  • At the end of the pictures after metamorphosis
  • Each person receives a passport beauty

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