Metamorphosis Course

The Beauty is in YOU In & Out
How to become more beautiful with a few tricks?
Every woman wants to be and feel beautiful regardless of the prevailing trends and sizes.
We recommend a workshop with a stylist who will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin & soul.
Founded by Kathryn Ruszel is the first school in Ireland that deals with Style and Beauty Counseling.
We work on the basis of a simple Philosophy to Found Yourself Create Your Own Way to Feel and Believe on Yourself,
dress code:
CLOTHES are powerful and STYLE is a simple way to say complicated things.

Metamorphosis by Kathryn Ruszel

If you stuck in Your Life and you don’t know what to do
Its time for change and to find Yourself in a New Way to reflect
on a New YOU perspective and a New Happier Life.


Create Yourself – Your Life – Your Passions!

Body * Soul * Mind
I promise you a unique Personal Consultation to help You transform Yourself in front of the Mirror
*Be the Best Version of Yourself*

Stylist:  Kathryn Russel

The program of a workshop:

The first 30 seconds determines how we are perceived, not according to what we have to say but according to the way we look.

  • Style is a matter of promotion
    • What is your type of figure? Recognizing your type of figure according to programme devised and copyrighted by K Ruszel.
    • Fashion Styles Best for You
    • Fashion tricks: How to hide flaws and highlight the advantages of  your figure

• Fasion ID – fashion styles relevant to your type of figure

  • Colours – the easiest way to Attractive Styling
    • What colours suit you? Quiz for participants
    • Palette of colours suitable for each color scheme
    • Sample styling


  • Fashion moments – the philosophy of dressing
    • The Ten Commandments of Fashion Moments
    • Tip of the Day – easy to remember tips for every day


  • Importance of details
    • Create your perfect wardrobe
    • Accessories as a ‘wow factor’
    • White shirt metamorphosis
    • Transform an ordinary little black dress into an extraordinary one


  • In the style of a star – Discussing 3 fashion styles on a celebrity example
    • Classic elegance
    • Smart casual
    • Nightout


  • Become your own stylist
    • Bring your clothes, bags, shoes which you are not sure about and do not know if they are suitable.
    We will show you how to match the items and what to purchase.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

* Believe on yourself
• Specify the type of your figure
• Determine the best fashion styles for your figure
• Avoid fashion mistakes
• Combine clothes in sets
• Select clothes to your color scheme
• Compose your own wardrobe
• Diversify clothes sets with accessories
• Spice up simple, casual clothes, such as a white blouse, dress for different occasions.

The duration of the workshop 5 hours