Natural Collagen

Native Collagen belong to a New Generation product family, one of the greatest recent skin care sensations.

Collagen is isolated from fish skin, as helices, at its molecular development stage. It is the only globally known natural set of peptides freely penetrating the epidermal barrier. Collagen is a “youth protein”, constituting more than 30% of human protein mass and as much as 70% of skin proteins. Together with elastin, it creates a flexible net in the dermis, which ensures its elasticity and firmness, binds water and lipophilic substances as well as determines the condition of connective tissue, reflecting, in fact, the condition of the whole organism. At the molecular stage our collagen is trans dermal, which is a feature not to be found in giant hydrolysed collagen particles, and its structure is almost identical to that of the human collagen.Native Collagen are anti-aging products which, unlike thousands of other face creams, eliminate the causes, not just the effects. Wrinkles are caused mainly due to collagen depletion.