Permanent Makeup Course

Training of permanent makeup (3 days)

Waking up in the morning with an almost perfect make-up, with excellent lines on the eyelids, with a great outline around the lips or beautiful eyebrows, closer to the eternal beauty – it sounds tempting.

This is a make-up, at which paragraph paint is no longer necessary.
Natural facial lines are just better underlined. Thus, for short, thin, or uneven eyebrows are aligned, the eyes gain nicer look and mouth / lips are due to contour makeup technique more attractive, brighter.
Permanent makeup makes it more certain in every life situation, gives a stable well-groomed appearance and saves a lot of time. no curves lines on the eyes or blurry eyebrows, no traces of lipstick on napkin or a glass – a technique that amazes. During sport, bath, at work or in spare time, permanent makeup is reliable. Using delicate acupuncture needles into the skin introduced are tested for allergy finest pigments.

You can draw or adjust the eyebrows, eye or mouth.
Pigments are pressed in the epidermis, emphasizing the individual beauty
- So the natural stress. Not painted make-up.

Training raining programme covering part theoretical and practical:

  • Anatomy of the face and skin
  • Physiology of the skin
  • Basic toiletries
  • Visage in permanent makeup
  • Written documentation (treatment card, health card)
  • Photo documentation
  • Principles of asepsis and hygiene. Sanepidu requirements
  • Purpose of the procedure and obtained results
  • Evaluation of customer expectations
  • Contraindications to treatment micropigmentation
  • Preparing clients and position for surgery
  • Terms of anesthesia applications
  • Procedures for treatment of individual areas of the face, body and camouflage
  • Possible complications after surgery
  • Analysis of color, the theory of colors
  • Specialized medical equipment for treatment micropigmentation
  • Characteristics of cosmetics for use during surgery types pigments
  • Recommendations postoperative
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Liability insurance
  • Psychological aspects of success in cosmetology
  • Exercises on models
  • Permanent makeup eyebrows, eyes and lips