12522978_1244148008932303_9195743858201585181_nPhotorejuvenation is a treatment breakthrough in cosmetology that uses IPL technology. The procedure involves the IPL lamp with extremely bright light source. The light stimulates cells of dermis to shorten, remodel and produce collagen. It also used to treat various skin conditions such as birth mark, sun spots, facial veil, unwanted hair as well as signs of aging.

Photorejuvenation treatment needs to be repeated several times. It is recommended to undergo four to six treatments carried out once a week. Each session involves treating skin at a different depth in order to achieve desired long term effect wit high satisfaction. There is a significant improvement just after the first treatment. Each session takes up to 20 minutes.

Photorejuvenation effects:
significant reduction of wrinkles
reduction of skin pores
better skin elasticity
reduction of sebum production
treating sun spots
reduction of broken capillaries

As many treatments, there is a number of contraindications to photorejuvenation:
pregnancy and breast-feeding
acute inflammation of the skin
skin vitiligo
hormonal imbalance
retinoid (vitamin A derivatives) treatment in the past 6 months
herbal treatment (St. John’s wort or marigold)
sensitivity to light (porphyria, polymorphic light rash, lupus erythematosus, urticaria)
history of skin cancer
radiation therapy or chemotherapy within the last three months
active implants ( a pacemaker or insulin pump)
steroids treatment within the last three months